Below are some FAQ about our biltong. If you'd like more information or have a specific questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Biltong is air-dried beef coated in a mixture of spices to a traditional South African recipe. Unlike Beef jerky which is pre-sliced and baked, giving it a thick, rough exterior and chewy texture, Biltong is cured and air-dried in fillets before being sliced against the grain and seasoned, resulting in a more tender finish and a richer flavour.
Biltong is like Jerky’s awesome big brother! They are both dried beef but that where the similarity ends! Jerky uses processed meat, heat dried killing off valuable nutrients and typically contain 10 times the sugar and a lot less protein than biltong.
Biltong is a concentrated source of nutrients including natural protein. As biltong is cured rather than cooked, it retains more nutrients that cooked meat. With low sugar and fat, it makes a great healthy snack to take to work or to the gym or just to enjoy with friends and family.
As biltong was developed by the South Africans as a way of keeping meat in hot weather, there I no need to refrigerate your biltong. Once the pack is opened, you can store in airtight container with the oxygen absorber included in the original package.
Yep, we sure do. If you are interested in stocking our Biltong drop us a line via or fill in our contact us form and we’ll be in touch.
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