Nestled in the Upper Murray Valley in far North East Victoria, ‘Koorinook’ is situated in a sheltered position in Victoria's famed High Country.

With a bubbling creek running through the property and surrounded on two sides by crown land and state park, the location is picturesque and provides a year-round temperate climate that is ideal for breeding and feeding cattle.

A family owned and operated Fleckvieh breeding stud with a proud and rich heritage in the local pastoral community, ‘Koorinook’is owned and operated by Ruth and Russell McKelvey, and has been farmed by the family for over 75 years.


The Simmental breed were cross-bred with Koorinook’s Friesian dairy stock in the early eighties, and while the farm later transitioned to a mix of sheep and dairy, when Ruth and Russell McKelvey took over the reins, and decided they wanted to focus on specialist breeding, they chose the Fleckvieh breed based on their aesthetics and gentle nature.

Purchasing our first eleven Fleckvieh cows and four heifers in 2012 from Max Dench owner of ‘Wondenia’ Fleckvieh in Gilgandra, New South Wales, we have continued to grow and expand our herd.

While our herd is relative young, the blood-lines and heritage of this breed run rich and deep, and we continue to develop and explore the possibilities of this unique breed.

Our Heritage

Ruth's father Price Hill purchased the original 406 acres at Cudgewa, 20kms outside of Corryong, Victoria in 1939, which he named Koorinook, ‘home of the people'.

Originally stocked with sheep, pigs and dairy cows, he established dams, workers cottages and expanded the land ownings to 1500 acres. Hard working, and astute, Price was a pioneer in the trucking industry prior to turning his attention to the land, and was inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in 2000.

His family have now been farming the land for over seventy five years, with youngest daughter Ruth and her husband Russell McKelvey taking over the property in 2002. With Russell’s extensive experience in large project engineering, he further developed the property with much needed repairs and enhancements to the original 1950's homestead.


After a research trip to South Africa for cattle breeding, Russell returned to Australia having sampled some of South Africa's famed Biltong.

Juicy, leaner, tastier and more nutritious than beef jerky. Air-dried for a richer texture and bigger taste, we have worked with a traditional South African recipe to develop a delicious snack that’s high in protein, low in fat and sugar and with a tasty bite that is simply irresistible.

Biltong what now?

Basically jerky's awesome big brother, it's like a lean piece of mouth-watering steak in your back pocket.

Air Dried

Slowly air-dried for a richer taste and juicer texture. The meat is dried in fillets before being sliced and marinated in our special savoury spice mix.

The perfect partner

Ideal as post workout snack, our Biltong also makes a great addition to a cheese board and goes down a treat with a crisp lager, or peppery Shiraz.
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