Fleckvieh are a versatile breed, with exceptional dairy and beef properties. Well-known throughout Europe for their fertility, strength and milk production.


Fleckvieh dairy cows are known for their premium quality milk with high percentage of both protein and fat (3.5 - 4+%). As well as the longer lifespan and lower somatic cells counts, the superior strength and quiet disposition of the breed make them an excellent prospect for high quality dairy production over the longer term.


Fleckvieh male calves are fast growing, with low fat proportions and optimum marbling. The breed is well known for their superior muscle development and sure footedness, and are highly sought after through-out Asia and Europe.


With their superior strength and longevity Fleckvieh have been purpose bred for centuries throughout Europe. They mature early and have excellent maternal characteristics. Suitable not only for cross-breeding for their strength and superior beef and milk properties, they also make excellent replacement females.

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Dating back to the early 1800’s, Fleckvieh originated in Austria and Bavaria from cross-breeding of local stock with Swiss Simmental cattle.

Purpose bred for meat, milk and draught capabilities, the breed is robust and copes well in varied climates. Over sixty years of stringent breeding guidelines has further enhanced the breeds characteristics, and it is now the second largest cattle breed in the world.

Highly sought after around the world, the Fleckvieh breed is fast gaining recognition within Australia and New Zealand, with a Fleckvieh Bull winning Grand Champion at the 2016 Canberra Show and Reserve Champion at the 2016 Royal Sydney Show.

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